montrizzle (montrizzle) wrote in atkins_ongoing,

Newbie to the Veteran Side

It's funny, I never really considered myself an Atkins "veteran," but I think I am. I'm in the second phase now and have been doing Atkins for a month and a half. I started out at 242 and did a "semi-Atkins" thing for a week where I lost 5 pounds and went down to 237. Then during induction I plummeted to 230, so in three weeks I had lost 12 pounds. I stayed in the 228-232 range for a week or so but then... started cheating. I went up to 234 but have been going down ever since. I still regret that cheat.

Right now I'm at 222 and have finally found my "formula"... I had been stalled for a bit, but now it's dropping... might not be fast, but it's continuous, and I couldn't really ask for anything more.

So... hi!!!

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you have not been stalled. please be careful about what you use for words. stalls are sensitive to some of us who sit in them for 5+months at a time.

i am also not so sure you would be considered a veteran... you are still extremely new to this lifestyle.

but welcome. and g'luck.
Three weeks is not a stall?
4 weeks with no loss of weight or inches AND no cheating is considered a stall.
Well, sorry. I had three weeks no lost weight, cheating, nor inches, didn't know I'd offend people...