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~Need A Recipe~

I am so disgusted. I tried one of Dr. Atkins' (Don't click if you are a food trigger person - you have been warned) choc. truffle recipes and just ended up wasting a bunch of cream, unsweetened choc. and Splenda 'cause it tasted like crap - way too bitter. I was already up to almost 2 cups of Splenda in it trying to "fix it" and decided to just pitch it instead. I HATE wasting ingredients like that! I made a crust-less pumpkin pie instead that I KNEW would be good from past experience.

I realize truffles aren't supposed to taste really sweet, but this was not edible according to my standards of satisfying a choc. craving.

Does anyone have a decent low-carb choc. candy or candy-like recipe? I'm thinking in the long run, buying the store bought sugar-free choc. (which was what I was doing) is the best way to go - cheaper than making it and great tasting.

Thanks in advance...
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