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This community is for advanced members of Atkins, not those looking to begin or those with questions about induction. This is strictly for people already on doing it long-term. Feel free to post recipes, news, anything else regarding the diet. Just please...no induction questions. Thank you. (the following text is borrowed from Atkins community)


No personal attacks
People are here to learn about the atkins_diet and get support in their diet efforts. Therefore, attacking people personally is counterproductive. If we spot a personal attack, my normal procedure is to make a comment to the offending post, with hopes that the offender has comment notifcation turned on, and then to delete the post. If the problem person continue to be a problem, we'll ban them from the community, and we've even made the community closed for a few days in the past to stop trolls from coming in on new accounts. We'll probably handle things ourselves and not report the person to ljabuse, mainly because I enjoy deleting and banning people who are desperately trying to get attention. :)

No discussion of bulemia, anorexia, or other eating disorders
This may seem like a strange rule, but the topic consistently leads to flame wars here, so the entire topic is off-limits. Eating disorders have nothing to do with the Atkins diet. There are plenty of other communities to discuss this issue in.

No attacking the atkins diet
This is not the place to voice your disagreement with the atkins diet itself. It's ok to ask questions if you are new to the diet and considering starting, but if you just want to argue with people about how "bad" atkins is, your post will be deleted.


While these aren't firm rules, they will help the community run better.

Read the book, or at least the website, before you post
Would you post in a christian community "Hey, what is this "bible" thing, can someone summarize it for me?" Probably not. So you should probably do some reading before posting here. At minimum, read this:


Even better, read the book, Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution. The paperback is only $7-$8 in most bookstores. There is much more to the atkins approach than just quitting bread.

Don't be overly sensitive here
"No personal attacks" doesn't mean "no disagreements". Personally, I prefer lively discussion to everyone trying to avoid annoying someone for some reason. If you don't agree with something someone said, feel free to post your disagreement using nice, calm language. A good guideline is to write your post as if the person was standing in front of you. And remember, just because you ate ice cream during Induction and still lost weight doesn't mean that it is a good idea for everyone, so don't be offended when someone disagrees with that suggestion.

Use lj-cut on big posts, and shorten large links
To cut your post, just put at the point in the post where you want to cut. Aithlyn has requested that people PLEASE put discussions of specific food cravings behind a cut, since you might set off someone else's craving and make them cheat.

To shorten a long link and avoid messing up people's friends page view, use:
Click here for the story

Both of these make things easier on other livejournal users.

Check your grammar and spelling if you want people to read and respond
Use the preview button and check your post before posting. Excessive spelling errors, AOLspeak ("U" for "you", etc) and the like will probably just make people not want to read your posts.

And finally, BE SUPPORTIVE
Diets are hard. Losing weight is hard. Exercising is hard. People are here to get support. If you break down and cheat, please don't brag about it here, we jokingly set up atkins_confess just for that. If someone is off-track on what you think they should be doing, correct them NICELY. If someone is doing a good job, congratulate them. If you have a great idea or read a good article, post about it.

If you don't like the community, please, by all means, LEAVE
There are a gazillion communities on livejournal, along with a million other low carb diet forums out there. If you don't like this one or how it is run, then feel free to leave. No need to post that you're leaving, we'll notice that you're gone, really. :)

Other communities you might want to check out:
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atkins_daily for high-volume daily meal posting
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Enjoy your stay. Please, feel free to contribute to the community. And NO WHINING.