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Hi all!
I've been on Atkins since August of 2003. For the first 6 months or so, I lost a lot of weight- about 60 pounds. Since then, I've been utterly stuck. t doesn't seem to matter if I go back into induction or raise my carb intake. I excersize a lot- I hike 4 miles or more at least 3 times a week, but usually more often than that.
There have been studies saying this an that- that Atkins is effective, that it isn't (I know that's not true) and that it's ineffective after about 6 months. Pausing for 7 months seems like a bit much,a nd that's pretty much what's happened. So I need to know- is this normal? What can I do? Should I go off Atkins for a week or so and then go back on?
I feel much healthier when I'm doing Atkins. My blood sugar and energy levels are both much more stable. But I'm still 45-55 pounds overweight, and I'm not satisfied.
So, any tricks to get my metabolism back on the fat burning track? And if you've been steadily on Atkins for as long as I have or longer, did you experience a long pause, and did you start losing weight again after awhile? Did you do anything special?
Oh, I take a lot of bitamin and mineral supplements as well as essential fatty acids.
Thanks in advance!
Oh, right, people like to do this: 250/190/135
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