lkc_atk (lkc_atk) wrote in atkins_ongoing,


two questions

ok, i'm on my 4th day of induction and things are going pretty good. I'm losing weight gradually, about 1-2 pounds a day. One problem I am noticing though are strange mood swings and severe fatigue and sometimes diziness and nausea. I am following the diet to the tee and I'm really confused as to why this is happening. There have been a few times where I thought for sure I was either going to vomit or faint. These problems come in bursts, I'll be fine most of the day until about 5 pm, then the problems come in. Could it be because i'm not taking a multivitamin?

Also, i'm running out of ideas for meals. I'm getting extremely bored with bacon, chicken, and steak, and i'm not too big of a fan of seafood unless its crab (and my budget doesn't really allow me to go buying THAT right now), and surely the sight of another egg will do me in. Any suggestions?

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